Top 5 Reasons to Choose A Handmade Rug Over Machine Made

by Abid Sadath on October 03, 2021

Planning on redecorating your house? There are many things to consider about such as colors, lighting, furniture, and style. The list will go on and on. But while thinking all about this factor, people often forget about a new rug. In this modern world, the rug plays a vital role in the house’s interior design. It can prove to be functional as well as fashionable for a recently decorated home.


Well, it is pretty easy to buy a machine-made rug, but handmade Melbourne rugs will offer you great benefits. With a good-quality rug, one can protect the floor, prevent heat from being lost, and help absorb the noises from a room. Besides all these, the rug adds a touch of class.


Reasons to Buy Handmade Rugs Instead of Machine-made.

It is a fact that Handmade Rugs Melbourne are more costly than those made by machines. But they come with excellent quality. When you purchase handmade rugs, you will enjoy advantages like:


Longer Lifespan or Durable Rugs

Usually, it takes a lot of time to make a rug using hands, and the people who wave rugs use unique kinds of looms for this. The materials that are used in handmade rugs are wool or silk. But in the case of machine-made rugs, they are made with synthetic materials, which are not so durable. So, it can be said that hand-woven rugs last for a longer time than machine-made rugs. But you need to wash and clean it on a regular basis for a long lifespan.


Better Quality

The quality that you will get with handmade rugs is exceptional. Hand-woven rugs come with high-quality and delicate stitches and sewing. The wavers ensure that their products have the best quality and last longer. It takes many months for a person to create a rug. This is why handmade rugs are costly. But you can spend some more money to get such high-quality and durable products.


Designs and Textures 

Handmade rugs can be customized as per one’s choices. The texture is an essential factor that most buyers look into while purchasing rugs. It is better to choose Handmade Rugs Melbourne as you really can feel the material it is made of. If the handmade rugs are woven from wool, then you can feel that it is wool.



Another factor that increases the value of handmade rugs is that each piece is one-of-a-kind collectible. Every weaver draws inspiration from their culture, own story, and surroundings to create unique designs and patterns.


Because different factors affect different weavers, no two rugs look the same. Because of the natural materials used and their creation, handmade rugs feel cushiony and soft under the feet, adding to their allure. With proper maintenance, these rugs will last a long time and are usually handed down through the generations as a valuable family heirloom.


Handmade Rugs Are Eco-Friendly

Handmade rugs are eco-friendly. They are made completely from all-natural materials such as cotton, wool, or silk. No synthetic materials are used at all. Even the dyes are extracted from plant parts and other materials found in nature. How they are made also ensures that no effluents are released into the environment.


The whole process from beginning to end is clean and green. And because these Melbourne rugs last for decades, there’s no need to throw them out and replace them with a new one, adding to the landfill.


Most rug owners do not mind paying the higher cost as they view their purchase of a handmade rug as an expense rather than a simple home décor accessory.


That’s why you can choose handmade rugs while planning to decorate your house. Buy one now and feel the difference.

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