Rug Repair Melbourne

A rug is a timeless addition to any home or interior space. However, due to constant exposure or general wear and tear, your rug may become worn, damaged or discoloured. This is where professional rug repair becomes so valuable.

From our Mornington location, we offer comprehensive rug repair service for Melbourne customers. Sama Rugs is home to an experienced weaver with the experience and skillset to revitalise your rugs.

This process begins with a detailed inspection and analysis, where our experts identify the construction and material of our rug. From here, we use a vibrating machine that removes any dust. The next major steps involve colour testing, solution application, scrub/rotary and finally, drying.

Once cleaning is complete, you can either pick up your rug from our Mornington showroom or we can deliver it direct to your home. Fill out the form, call 0416785217 or send an email to at for any rug repair enquiries!

Thorough Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

Alongside rug repair, Melbourne locals turn to us for professional carpet cleaning. The Sama Rugs team have the skills, experience and equipment to revitalise carpets of various styles and materials. Similarly to our rug restoration service, this process is conducted at our Mornington facility.

A carpet says a lot about your home or business. Don’t settle for a tired and worn down surface – contact Sama Rugs now and book in a time. We treat everything client’s possessions with care and take our time to ensure they are returned as good as new.