Rug Cleaning Melbourne

With decades of industry experience, we are a trusted source for rug cleaning in Melbourne. Our in-house rug weavers can restore rugs of various sizes, styles and materials, ensuring that they are returned as good as new.

From general wear and tear to dust and discolouration, we have a proven approach to address many common issues and restore years of life to your rug. In addition to rug repair, restoration and appraisal, Sama Rugs also offer a dedicated carpet cleaning service for customers across the city.

How we clean

Inspection & Analysis

We start by identify the specific construction method and material of your rug. For example, we determine whether it is handwoven, hand tufted, or machine made, and whether the dyes are natural or synthetic. This process is critical to ensure that the right process is applied and your rug does not bleed or lose shape.

Dust removal

The next step involves the use of a vibrating machine, where any existing dusts is shaken off the surface. Importantly, this prevents dust from becoming mud stains once water is applied. It also shakes off dust that cannot be achieved through human strength alone.

Colour testing

Colour testing is another important step designed to stop the rug from bleeding. Obviously, one can never be certain whether or not a rug dye will bleed or not. However, it is an essential precautionary measure. We leave weights on a damp cloth on the different colour variations of the rug and check the cloth for colour run after 24 hours. If we identify signs of colour run, a separate wash will take place to significantly reduce the chance of colour run.

Application of solution

Our cleaning agents are water based, biodegradable, and PH neutral. This means that your most treasured rugs are being treated and washed as gently as possible. When treating the rug’s fibres, they are nourished, maintained and rejuvenated to give you that new silky feeling.

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Tradition Scrub and Rotary

Once everything is approved and ready to go, our staff get to work and apply targeted cleaning solutions. This process is performed on a mesh deck that essentially floods your rug, whilst draining every last drop of liquid. Essentially, our process guarantees that every knot of your rug is drained from dirt.


Once your rug is completely washed, we let our world class drying room facility dry your rug. This is not all - we also use natural sunlight as a final process to ensure that your rug is completely dry and free from any unpleasant odours. Finally, we return your treasured rug at one of our showrooms or delivered to your home.

As you can appreciate, this is a lengthy process and a vast majority of rugs require a lead time of two weeks. Please be patient while we wash your treasures.

Fill out the form on our contact page or call us at 0416785217 or email us at to enquire about our cleaning services. A member of our team will be in contact with you shortly after.